Emerging Toxicity Diseases
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Morgellon's Disease
Lyme and Related Diseases Chronic Candidiasis
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Invisible Gold

Invisible Gold
Hello Everyone and Welcome,

It is with immense gratitude and great pleasure that we dedicate our first sponsorship page to our devoted friend and webmaster, John Waiveris of Invisible Gold.

Our website could never have accomplished helping thousands of people without his professional skills, tireless devotion and unselfish willingness to help us help others.
Over the years John has dedicated countless hours to our cause at

I will always be grateful for all he has done for all of you.

God bless you John W!

Love Always,


Logos Nutritionals

Logos Nutritionals
Hello everyone and welcome,

What can one ever say to the person most responsible for saving one's life, and in turn for my ability to save a thousand others’ lives?

What can one say to a person that has spent ten years serving the toxic disease community in the hopes of restoring the health of it's sufferers; a never ending battle to continuously improve the protocols to combat diseases as they mutate in our toxic world?

What can one say to a person that has had the patience to teach me how to better serve all of you?

What can one say about John, Jill, Glenn and the extended Logos Nutritionals family who have continuously given sacrificially to this community through their enormous product discounts, and being generous with his time by joining us on conference calls, and providing answers on the forums? They do this because they are deeply committed to our healing. There is a ten year history that is quite visible on the howicuredmorgellons.com website that documents their efforts to serve our fellow man.

I will add this one last point. When we encountered a bump in the road for the He Cures All Foundation, Logos Nutritionals extended the foundation credit to continue to supply the protocol to those the foundation was funding at that time.

I once told Glenn "John's no saint, but he's the closest thing I have EVER known!”



With undying gratitude,


Natural Ginesis

Natural Ginesis
Hello Everyone and Welcome.

We are so proud and thankful to announce our third Platinum Sponsorship with Natural Ginesis (Kleen Green). Cathee is the only person I know who has been serving the toxic community longer than John and I.

On behalf of the He Cures All Foundation, I am truly honored to welcome her as a Platinum Sponsor. May God continue to bless her with good health and prosperity as she has opened her heart to toxic disease sufferers for many years now.

Welcome and thank you again for all you do for others.

God Bless; Those who never gave up Hope got well.


Healthy Way Inc.

Healthy Way Inc.
Hello Everyone and Welcome,

We are exceedingly happy, excited and proud to announce the addition of Healthy Way Inc. as our fourth Platinum Sponsor.

They provide a great product at a most reasonable price and they are a true friend to all toxic disease sufferers.

On behalf of all of us, a very big THANK YOU!

God Bless You and Your Family,