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Morgellon's Disease
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Nicole - New Life For Grateful Single Mom

Hello Everyone,

I would like to say to those who have been affected by Morgellons directly or indirectly... there is hope!!!

My son and I were infected with Morgellons the summer of 2010. I was 29 at the time and my son was 4. I was the first to show symptoms. The symptoms were incredibly intense - biting, pinching sensations, and extreme purging, especially at the scalp, neck and jaw line area.

I was a newly single mom with no income, on welfare, with a child and myself affected with this plague that no one seemed to understand. The medical community absolutely failed me. They institutionalized me and pumped me full of anti psychotic drugs against my will. I realized at that time the more fear I felt, the worse it got physically, and it was negatively affecting the way I was perceived by physicians. That's when I turned to God and asked Him to turn my fear into FAITH!

I gradually started an anti candida diet. I knew fungus was a component, so I began self treating with probiotics and oregano oil , saunas too. I did that for a few years and it did help but it it wasn't enough! My son was getting worse. I broke down and prayed and asked God to take control.

What did God do you ask???? He led me to Mel, his website, and the He Cures All Foundation. There I found my angels on earth; a community of beautiful souls, strangers, who have supported me and my son in every way imaginable! I emailed Mel of my financial situation, basically begging for help to save my baby. What did he do??? Called me almost immediately offering help through the Foundation to support us with the protocol!! He knew my fear, my anxiety and he EMPOWERED me to work toward recovery!!!!

My son and I have been on the protocol for almost two years now and although we are not yet 100% recovered, we are both in an infinitely better place. I am very comfortable in my body now. No pinching, biting, stinging… limited purging, but not in the scalp anymore. My son is soo much better … very limited purging on occasion.

Thanks to the He Cures All Foundation, I have been able to move forward and work toward my independence. I went back to school and now I am working full time to support my family!!! ;). I honestly don't know where we would be without the foundation. My mental state was really being affected and to be honest I don't think I would be here if I didn't have the loving support of Mel and this community.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: To those who contribute to the He Cures All Foundation, you don't know us, but we love you!!! You are our angels on earth. To be able to take care of my son, to give him these life saving supplements is God sent, the greatest blessing of my life! You are saving lives!! I know first hand!! The protocol is so extensive. It rebuilds on so many levels!!

For those of you who are just beginning this journey, it takes time to get to the finish line and some of us take a little longer than others. Please don't give up hope!! Have faith… align with your good. Don't give up… God is always there for you, supporting you in your fear or supporting you in your faith! Choose faith!!! Believe you are healed and watch the results!!! You'll see miracles happen!!!

Trust me - You have found the right place!

They know what you are going through, even if no one else does!

There is support here!!!

My eternal love to you)))))))))))

Yours in spirit,