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Projected Spending (2024)


If you're like us, you work hard to ensure that the financial resources at your disposal are utilized responsibly. You seek to realize a valid return on your investments. And you want to know that the organizations that solicit and receive support from you are delivering quality services while exercising responsible stewardship in every phase of their operations. We appreciate the opportunity to give you an outline of how the He Cures All Foundation utilizes the resources you provide.

So while it may seem a little unusual to review a mission organization by this criteria, we think it?s commendable?and important. THANK YOU for your interest in worldwide missions and your willingness to invest in the lives of others who are suffering needlessly for lack of resources! It?s an investment that we can guarantee will enrich your life, your family, your church, and your community many times over.

The only way we can continue to link participants with life transforming information and nutritional support is through the prayers and financial support of people like you.


As it should be, the vast majority of HCA's revenues are invested in direct ministry expenses. These expenses break into the following categories:

Natural Medicines and Nutritional Support - HCA has negotiated generous discounts from providers of high quality natural medicines and nutritional support products which we make available to ministry participants either free of charge or on a heavily subsidized basis depending upon their financial situation.

Fees for Physician Visits and Testing - When appropriate and at its discretion, the foundation underwrites the uninsured costs of physician visits and medically necessary testing for program participants.


HCA coordinates its operations through our Home Office in Reno, NV. The Home Office team handles all incoming and outgoing financial transactions, oversees all of the details involved in registering, confirming, and supplying participants, manages all of our books and accounts, gets the word out about HCA and a zillion other things. They do an incredible job within a limited budget.

He Cures All Foundation Website - This website is an ongoing labor of love which requires frequent maintenance and attention as our ministry expands.


Like any responsible organization, HCA is developing an appropriate package of liability, health, and other insurances. The package is being overseen by an insurance professional who donates his time as a contribution to HCA?s ministry.


HCA full-time staff (including the president) raises 100% of their personal budgets by soliciting personal support, and HCA also solicits both designated and general-fund donations to cover its operating budget.


With volunteer staff spread out over literally thousands of miles, periodic personal contact is essential to maintain effective communication and procedural lines. The President or his designated representative travels occasionally for speaking or fundraising engagements.

As you can see from the spending charts on the left, our spending projections for 2016 reflect the staff we have hired and expenses related to establishing our office, but we do not anticipate any substantial increases on the expense side in the future. That?s how we spend your money. We feel it is money well spent, and hope you do too!