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Kathy G - Victory over Morgellons, Lyme and MRSA!

My name is Kathy. I am a Registered Nurse and a survivor of Lyme, MRSA, and Morgellons Disease. Not only have I survived, I’m thriving again! I don’t feel or look my age, and I feel young, vibrant and healthy. I now live a life restored, and I am once again seeking my full potential.

My story is filled with many things, some of which if I told you, you wouldn’t believe. As I look back now, I could hardly believe them myself if they didn’t happen to me directly. When I first came down with Morgellons, I lived in a rural area that got heavily sprayed. There were farms all around me. I’m not sure, but I believe the constant exposure to pesticides must have weakened my system so much that it threw open the door for this disease, and others to come into my body.

It seems I became a magnet for insects, as I repeatedly got stung by wasps and other bugs. I’m not sure of the vector, but I got sick and I didn’t know why. I was very frightened because I just kept getting worse and worse. I sought help from infectious specialists, but they had no answers. These were highly trained, intelligent people. They knew I was very sick, but they could not determine what was wrong with me, so they followed the medical establishment’s standard of care and assumed that I must be delusional.

As a medical professional, you cannot believe how frustrating it is to be sick and be told “it’s all in your head; you’re making it up”! I knew I was dealing with an unknown illness, and I knew it could be potentially life threatening. I cried a lot. I was in the depths of hell. The brain fog was so bad I could barely function. I was exhausted all the time. I couldn’t string two sentences together. I itched horribly, and had these weird fibers coming out of my body. One day a nurse friend mentioned “Well Kathy, maybe you might have Morgellons. It’s kind of controversial, but you should look into it.”

Finally, I thought I might be able to put a name to the gruesome suffering I was enduring every day. Although I didn’t know it at the time, my path was being led to Mel Friedman and to his website, which offered me hope, knowledge, acceptance and the opportunity to mend my broken body. Through the website and the never-ending love and support offered to me through Mel and others associated with his protocol, my health has been restored.

The road wasn’t easy but I kept on keeping on. I changed my diet. I changed my attitude. I changed my life for the better. Through the support of Mel and others on the site, I educated myself on how to get better.

I noticed my energy started improving as soon as I went on the complete protocol. As days turned into weeks and months, I began to really turn a corner and I began to heal. I later found out through testing that I had Lyme as well as MRSA. With the comprehensive support of Mel’s protocol, I have now been healed of them all. You cannot heal one without healing the other. Such is the beauty and power of the human body when it is given access to all the right nutrients.

As a nurse, I work in an environment where people are constantly exposed to all types of things. I myself never catch anything since restoring integrity to my immune system and my bioterrain. When I was very sick, bugs used to dive bomb me as I would run to my car. Now I’m not bothered by anything. I never even catch a cold!

I believe so much in this protocol I still take it all because they are wonderful supplements that keep me feeling young! I am happy to report that I am 11/2 years symptom free now and can once again spend time enjoying my family and my life. Had I not found Mel and his protocol on that fateful day, I’m not sure where I would be. I’m forever thankful to Mel, his website, his protocol and the people behind it.