Emerging Toxicity Diseases
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Morgellon's Disease
Lyme and Related Diseases Chronic Candidiasis
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Found here are links or articles of interest about some of the health challenges that affect those we serve, all of which are a consequence of a compromised bioterrain. Links to information about some of the various nutritional support protocols we use are also provided.


Article: Hope for Morgellons Mystery

Excellent article by John Burgstiner, Founder of Logos Nutritionals which sheds light on some of the various causes, symptoms and treatments of Morgellons.

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Lyme/Morgellons Support Protocol

While Lyme Disease and Morgellons are separate and distinct syndromes, they very often coexist together along with various other opportunistic coinfections.

This is the nutritional support protocol that we employ to restore integrity to the bioterrain. Along with recommended dietary and lifestyle changes, it is responsible for so many lives being transformed from hopeless misery to restored productivity and a symptom free future.

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Lyme Controversy

Excerpt from Katie Couric show featuring Lyme controversy.

Published on Oct 11, 2013

John Halperin, MD, director, Atlantic Neuroscience Institute, joins discussion on Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment and its confounding similarities to other bacteria or tick infections.

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Article: Yeast Infections - Ancient Microbes, Modern Plague

Yeast infections have been around since ancient times. Although ancient healers couldn't identify Candida as the organism most often responsible for yeast infections, they were able to successfully treat yeast infections using herbs with natural antifungal properties. Microscopic fungi like Candida have always thrived, but yeast infections in humans were rare until modern times when two major factors set the stage to make yeast overgrowth in America as common as apple pie:

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Candida Cleanse Protocol

Some natural practitioners estimate that 70-80% of Americans are dealing with candidiasis yeast infection or some form of fungal overgrowth. Yeast overgrowth can produce diverse symptoms that are debilitating and yet the condition is often undiagnosed.

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