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A Testimonial From Down Under

A Testimonial From Down Under
I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to the He Cures All Foundation for making it possible for myself and my child to have access to the protocol.

I have suffered from Morgellons for the past eight years; the complications from this have been life threatening to me on several occasions. I had to leave my job over three and a half years ago, to take on full-time and sole care of my newborn grandson and we further struggle financially, whilst I complete a full-time undergrad uni course, to try and provide for our future. My grandson also has Morgellons.

Without the help and assistance made possible from the Foundation, we would not have been able to finally find a way to begin the journey of healing.

We ARE healing and this has brought renewed vitality, hope and happiness to our lives. It has also touched our lives in a sense, by facilitating a connection to others and humbled me to the kindness we have been shown. I no longer feel so isolated and powerless.

The great work of the He Cures All Foundation will also be passed on through others, like myself, who in turn, will then extend the same kindness and hope to others. It is a self-generating and powerful gift.

I thank God for bringing me here and inspiring Mel, John Burgstiner and others to continue their great work.

I will keep working on improving my diet. Peter has given me some good tips and I will continue to read the diet information from the website. I do know that it is very important and I do need reminding. Thank you for that.

You have been very kind and generous to me. The funny thing is, that it wasn't until I REALLY decided to overhaul my diet, that I understood that there was so much more to do. Charlie is well and I am continuing to improve and feel a bit better each day.

Thank God and thank you Mel. Blessings to you.